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What your Coffee says about you

Cappuccino: you’re a true intellectual and you’d be completely happy if someone would leave you alone in a bookshop for a few hours. You love art and creating stuff is totally your thing.

Americano: you’re very conscious about your health, probably have a well-paid job and quite possibly you’re a little bitchy. You might also be a Vegan.

Latte: you’re low-maintenance, avoid fights whenever possible and love to relax. And you probably have a kid and/or listen to a lot of Mariah Carey.

Frappucino: you don’t really like the taste of coffee so you try to cover it with various flavors.

Any Iced Coffee: you get hot frequently (it’s summer/you’re going through the change?)

Melange: you’re from Vienna. Wikipedia describes a Melange as “one espresso shot served in a large coffee cup topped with steamed milk and milk foam”.So what’s the difference between a Melange and a Cappucino? Don’t ask me, mate.

Espresso: you’re probably a college student or an Italian business man or woman in an expensive suit.

Double Espresso: you’re a college student with an essay to write and the deadline is in 4 hours.

Chocochino: you couldn’t make up your mind between a hot chocolate or a cappucino. You’re young at heart and up for anything.


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A Broke Viennese Girl’s Guide to Shopping

As I mentioned in my blogpost last week, I am currently completely out of money. As a fulltime student it’s very difficult to find a job, especially as I am physically and mentally unable to do manual labor (anyone else got issues with their back? Yay!). I do tutoring sometimes, but it is just an expensive time to be alive at the moment. You know what I’m saying? However, I hope you find my guide a little bit useful, especially if you live in Vienna like me.

I love shopping. I just do. Some (my mother) would say that I have a spending problem. I don’t think this is the case, but I am a real fan of shiny new things as I get bored easily with the stuff that’s already in my wardrobe.

I am a big supporter of thriftshops and vintage stores, but most of the time they’re not all that cheap. I like Humana in Vienna because I like the fact that their profits go to charity, but their prices resemble Forever21 more than Goodwill. But be sure to look out for their sales (yes, thriftshops have sales too). On Facebook, Humana Austria announces the dates on which you can get most items for 4, 3, 2 or even 1 Euro. Just be prepared to sort through a lot of complete crap.

To find something that’s cool, cheap and actually fits you at a fleamarket is a miracle. I was able get a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes for 5 Euros at the Nashmarkt Fleamarket about 2 years ago and I have been trying to find another bargain like this ever since. The truth is that you just have to be very lucky. Nevertheless, browsing is always a lot of fun, especially with friends. If you want to go explore fleamarkets, make sure to go early before the masses snatch up the best pieces. I got up at 6am once and ended up with a really cute skirt for just 3 Euros. It could happen to you too! And if you don’t find anything good, just go for coffee. Coffee is always a good idea.

For makeup and beauty I mostly just buy stuff from the drugstore. I am also friends with some amazing girls who get me Benefit products for my birthday. Shahed, if you’re reading this, know that I love you forever. I’m also going to a Beauty Festival on Friday in Vienna where they give away free samples and have a beauty fleamarket which should be fun (and hopefully cheap). If you’re interested I can keep you updated on that.

I also tend to shop the sales, exclusively. Yesterday I was in American Apparel and all of their already reduced stuff was another 50% off. I still could not afford it. But if something I have my eye on is too expensive, I come back a few weeks later to see if it’s reduced. Most of the time it’s out of stock when I return, but sometimes I get lucky.

Another tip is to get a boyfriend who buys you stuff. Nah I’m just kidding. My sister’s boyfriend really knows fashion though. And his mother gives away handbags and beauty products she doesn’t use anymore on a daily basis. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

If you’ve gotten this far and I haven’t bored you out of your mind yet, allow me to congratulate you. And to beg you to subscribe to my blog. I’m funny sometimes, I swear.

See you next week, hopefully.




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Things I hate in January

Hello my friends and fellow bloggers,

The new year is here and I haven’t changed a bit. My only resolution this year is to go out more on Friday and Saturday because I’m practically married to my bed on weekends, but so far I haven’t made the leap. But I’ll definitely keep you updated on my progress.

As you might have guessed from the headline, for me, January is a month full of annoying things and people and I shall now share my thoughts.

  1. Uber-motivated people at the gym. Yes, it’s nice for you that you decided to work out again, but we all know you’re not gonna stick with it so do everyone a favor by not making the gym so crowded and give up now. Thank you.
  2. The weather. How to dress weather-appropriately these days: Step 1) Look up the temperature. Step 2) Pick your outfit. Step 3) Wrong.
  3. Being totally broke. Yesterday I couldn’t even afford to buy an Avocado. The struggle is very real.
  4. Finals. Nobody likes quizzes, y’all. Especially not me.
  5. Dry skin. My hands look like they haven’t seen moisturizer in 11 years. And I use hand cream every single day. No idea what that’s all about.
  6. Uggs. I know they’re very comfortable and warm, but they really are very ugg-ly. It’s in the name, people. 
    Boots: Kauf dich glücklich, Bag: Salamander, Coat: Asos
    It’s cold, but pretty

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Coffeehouse Crawl Part I

Viennese people love their coffee houses. And no, I don’t mean Starbucks. I’m talking about the magnificent old cafés where they let you sit and read for hours without ordering more than a cappuccino. In the following weeks I’ll write about my favorite ones and let you know which are worth visiting.

Café Diglas

Yes, the waiters are total assholes sometimes, but honestly, it wouldn’t be authentic if they weren’t. And the coffee is excellent (duh).

A bookshop is right across the street which is another big plus. On a lazy Sunday (or any day of the week for me) buy a book first and read it at Diglas until they kick you out. The pastries aren’t too bad either, try the Kardinalschnitte if you’re there.

Only downside to this place is the ladies room. The doors are see-through, which means that once you lock the door, people can’t see you from the outside but you have to watch the others standing in front of the mirrors while you finish your business. Not gonna lie, it’s quite disturbing. Other than that, a great place to hang out.

Have you ever been to Diglas? What is your favorite coffeehouse? Feel free to comment.



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How to bond with Austrians

A wise man whose name I’ve completely forgotten once said: if you want to bond with Austrians, just complain. This is utterly true.

If you would like to turn an aquaintance into a friend in Vienna, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1) Say hi (politeness is key)

Step 2) Find something you have in common (same professor at university, taking the same tram every day, living in the same district)

Step 3) Find every single thing that bothers you about your life and rant about it until you don’t know what to say anymore

It really works, I swear. Tried it with an Austrian girl from my college and she likes me, but I’ve now started to hate her  because of all the negativity she brings into my life. And due to the fact that she yells “that’s soooo stoooopid” every time something isn’t to her liking. But that’s beside the point.

Follow these rules and you may have an Austrian bestie by the end of the month. Good luck.



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It’s been a while

So I haven’t been very active lately, which has to do with me not being in Vienna these last weeks/summer holidays/laziness. Which I completely anticipated with me being the laziest person on earth, potentially the universe. But college started again this week which I was particularly happy about. NOT.

I don’t really have anything interesting to say, except for that I bought a new pair of boots yesterday in order to brace myself for winter. I got them in a german concept store called “Kauf dich glücklich” located in the 7th district of Vienna which you should definitely visit. They give you free coffee which sadly, I only got informed about after I left. I normally feel guilty about accepting beverages in stores I would never buy something at because their stuff is much too expensive for me, but the one time I actually purchase something, I do not get my free drink. Crappy crap.

I hope your fall is not as dreary as mine, I wish you lots of sun and light breezes instead of rain.

XX Sophie

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The Mountain

My University is on a mountain. Literally. Which is why I spend about 2 hours a day on public transportation and have lots of time to think. About life and its mysteries. No just kidding, but I do write in my journal from time to time. I call it “The Tram Diaries”. Yesterday I created a Haiku in the 38 line.

Coffee stains on notes

Is it a hot beverage

Or just dishwater?

Fietschis iPhone 048
Check out the view
Fietschis iPhone 247
Snow day, woohoo

I’m super talented, I know. In this post I actually wanted to complain about the weather and how I’m getting seasonal depression, but it has been so lovely in Vienna these past few days that I have nothing to moan about. Here’s a top tip: If you want to visit Vienna, do it now. Not as many tourists as in the summer and the sun is out nearly every day. It has been especially nice up on the mountain too. When the sky is clear the view is spectacular. Lots of people go hiking on Kahlenberg and take pictures. And then they use the toilet in my uni which is why it is always crowded with senior citizens and their nordic walking sticks. Hello, is the word University code for public restroom?

The weather isn’t always like this though. It can get super intense when it snows. I have been late approximately 9 times in the last semester because the bus wouldn’t go up the mountain at a normal speed.Fietschis iPhone 196

I have been talking about the weather too much. This is boring and I apologize. I also need to do some work aka watch Netflix. Got some great ideas for my next posts so stay tuned lovely WordPressers (yes I just invented that).